Monday, 19 March 2012


The Missy is upgrading from a large cot to a big girls bed.   This calls for a room redecoration which for the first time ever I did myself.   I put my scruffy jeans on and cracked open the Dulux white.

Up on the step ladder rolling away and carefully painting around the spot lights, after 3 days I had a lovely blank canvas.   Then came the exciting bit.  My fabulous friend David Van Berckel created an amazing tree on the main wall with stencils and lino stamps he made.   He hand painted the birds and then photocopied them onto very thin paper and pasted them on.   The heart was hand drawn and is certainly her favourite detail.

I added the bird box and just need to finish making a little bird to occupy it.

These gorgeous shelves came from Cox & Cox.   I had them in her nursery and luckily they work perfectly in the now nearly 4 year old Missy's new room.
I mainly keep special things from my childhood which are so old they are considered vintage! 

The bookshelves were a bargain at £20 from Ikea and we use the top as her dressing table keeping very jewellery box and collection of vintage tins containing her many hair clips.

This gorgeous limited edition print was from her Godfather and is by Angelique Houtkamp.

To tidy away her growing number of toys I bought a big laundry basket from Zara Home.  The bedside table is a wooden box from Ikea turned on it side creating perfect storage for night time reading and the toadstool lamp was a gift from Grandma and can be bought from on-line store Not on the High Street.

Finally to share her room with her I made Missy a new little friend who she called Gaga!

I enjoyed the whole process so much I am inspired to make my own bedroom more interesting.

CM x

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