Tuesday, 15 June 2010



Missy and I went to a fabulous party in the park on Sunday to celebrate the 3rd birthday of her friend Rose.   Rose's mum and I were at school together and I do love the fact our children are now friends.   I offered to make some cakes as they always seem to go down well and I have to say I was delighted with the results.

I used the white crumb recipe from Martha Stewart's Baking which although it seems like you use a lot of egg whites it's totally worth it.   I then went slightly crazy in my local cake decorating shop 'Party Party' which honestly is not the prettiest of shops in an area which until I walked north of my house I never knew was there and thankfully so as it's not the prettiest of areas!   All that being said though I cannot fault the shop, it's amazing.   They sell everything you ever needed and everything you didn't realise you needed until you got there.   From sprinkles, to edible glitter, piping tubes to rice paper roses there was certainly something for every occasion.

Then to complete a lovely weekend my clever husband found these gorgeous vintage china nursery plates at our church jumble sale for 20p each!   I am so delighted with them and I am convinced they make the cakes taste better.


AudreysTeaShop said...

Love the vintage plates! They are gorgeous!