Wednesday, 9 June 2010



I love to make things and hate to waste money on anything that will invariably end up in the bin.   I'm sure you, as I do, give cards for most occasions but do you ever wonder what happens to them once the party is over?  I recently had a birthday and received 25 cards.   I estimated each card was £2 giving a combined total of £50, which was sitting on my sideboard for a mere week or two before hitting the recycling bin.   With this in mind I started to tot up how many cards I sent and the annual cost - the numbers horrified me.  This simple math has led me to the conclusion that making them is the only solution.      

I thought it would be best to create a kit.   A box or tin where I would put everything I needed to make a card in one place therefore making last minute creations easy.   

What you need:
10 x multicoloured blank cards & envelopes.   (available at Hobbycraft & Paperchase)
Alphabet set from Cavallini & Co.
Paper glue
Patterned paper (available from any scrapbooking shop)

How to:
Making cards can be as easy or complicated as you wish.   I chose a simple balloon theme for the ones in the photo above and cut them out of different patterned paper.   Then using foam stickers I attached them to the card inserting the cord behind them.   Finally stamping the recipients name using the alphabet stamps added a personal touch.   

Last Christmas I used different fonts to create the word 'Noel" and cut the scrapbooking paper into squares to stamp on.   Using different coloured inks is always a good way of giving your cards an individual style along with glitter glue and other scrapbooking embellishments.


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