Thursday, 19 November 2009

Starbucks family advent calender


On the 1st day of Christmas my true love sent to me
a Starbucks espresso cup advent calendar!
I love Christmas as anyone who knows me will tell you, my friend Janie believes I have the copyright on it. If ever I'm down on a rainy day in August I'll put on my 'Now That's what I call Christmas' CD, dance around to Slade and instantly feel better. I start my Christmas shopping early for this very reason and of course because I do love to shop, however by mid November when I still hadn't found the an advent calendar, I decided as a Competitive Mum I should really make one. I particularly wanted one we could share as a family and this was proving difficult to find, although I did really like the John Lewis 'House' style but at £30 it was a bit pricey. I searched the Internet for inspiration, where be warned you will waste hours being sucked into the Flickr, Blog, Twitter world of millions of American craft enthusiasts where, although I liked lots of what I saw, felt quilted pockets, or even magnetic baking sheet creations, nothing was quite right for us. Finally whilst conveying my dilemma to a friend over coffee, who was not in the least bit interested in my plight I hastened to add, this idea came to me. If unlike my friend you are interested, read on and share with me what you think.

Difficulty Level Easy
Cost £4.50
Great for those who want more than cheap chocolate
Make time 1hr

What you need:
  • 24 disposable espresso cups from Starbucks or similar festive coffee house - beg, borrow or steal!
  • 2 m of red and white string - available on-line from RE
  • 2 x sheets of A4 paper - 1 red & 1 green
  • 4cm circular hole punch - plain or scalloped edge if you have one if not use scissors!
  • Silver ink pen
  • Silver, red and green glitter glue
  • Paper glue - PVA or Spray Mount.
  • 24 gold coins
How to:
  • Cut out with either craft punch or scissors 24 circles from the card.
  • Decorate each circle with numbers 1 - 24 with sliver pen, glitter glue and anything else you fancy.
  • Whilst your artwork is drying, make a hole at the top of each cup opposite each other - this is where you will be threading the string.
  • Once circular numbers are completely dry stick them onto the cups covering the Starbucks logo (sorry Mr Starbucks but unless you want to sponsor this blog I think the red cup is enough branding for this Christmas).
  • Thread each cup together making a knot at each hole to stop the cups sliding about.
  • Next write out 24 activities or treats and stick one to each gold coin. I would suggest co-ordinating your diary for this otherwise you may find yourself promising treats you can't deliver. They don't have to be expensive or outlandish - sometimes the simplest things are the best - I've listed our family treats below.
  • Finally drop the treat coin into the corresponding day and you're ready to go.
  • TOP TIP - if one of you're treats is having hot chocolate with marshmallows, put the marshmallows in the cup too then you won't be searching for them on the day.
Day 1 Dance and sing to Christmas music before breakfast!
Day 2 Make festive pictures with Christmas stickers
Day 3 Make paper chains
Day 4 Read 'The Snowman'
Day 5 Make paper snowflakes
Day 6 Buy & decorate the Christmas tree
Day 7 Make a popcorn garland for the tree
Day 8 Write Santa a letter
Day 9 Buy and wrap a toy for Charity. (Salvation Army)
Day 10 Put bird seed out for the Christmas Robin
Day 11 Visit Santa Express at Selfridges
Day 12 Wear angel wings all day (maybe leave Daddy out of this one!)
Day 13 Make Christmas cookies
Day 14 Go ice skating
Day 15 Have a carpet picnic around the Christmas tree
Day 16 Make Santa peg dolls
Day 17 Eat sugar mice
Day 18 Paint Rudolph a picture
Day 19 Visit Grandparents for early Christmas treat
Day 20 Wrap up warm and visit the Zoo
Day 21 Day trip to Winterwonderland
Day 22 Have hot chocolate with marshmallows
Day 23 Watch 'The Grinch that stole Christmas"
Day 24 Special Christmas breakfast at Princi's

As Christmas comes but once a year,
Watch out for more crafty cheer!


Monkey's Mama said...

Wonderful idea (I had the same idea which I thought was original until I found this today!) but yours is so much cuter! I was searching for pictures today since I wanted to see who out there followed my (or your!) idea this year. I had noticed a craft site used my pictures w/out linking so thought I'd see what else was out there and lo & behold I found you across the pond!