Monday, 16 November 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
but my dear you're so delightful,
and since we've no place to go,
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

OK so it didn't snow, it just rained and rained and The Missy and I having braved the storms on Friday decided to stay in and snuggle up on Saturday. I was rather dreading this as she is a restless little soul who would always rather be in the park than stay home, but actually it was lovely, she spent the day colouring-in everything including her face and I finally managed to knit her a new winter hat. I did have trouble finding a decent pattern for the hat however, as it needed a chin strap if it was to stand any chance of staying on and finding one that doesn't look like some hideous flight hat the Crazy Frog might wear was no easy task. Having looked through every pattern book I had and all that the department store had to offer I found a fabulous one at Loop by Sublime.

Well that was our rainy Saturday and thankfully Sunday brightened up and we headed to the park to show off her new accessory.

CM x

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