Thursday, 8 October 2009

When Witches go riding and black cats are seen
The moon laughs and whispers, tis near Halloween.

Yes that’s right it’s now October and you need to start thinking out your little ones Halloween costume. If this fills you with fear and loathing don’t panic the ‘No Sew’ costume is here.

This year Missy is going to be a witch. A good witch you understand. A pretty witch with a costume that’s not made from flammable fabric and retailing at a price that screams child labour! And what’s more I’m undertaking to make it without sewing a stitch.

Starting with the hat, to join in you will need: -

Black foam polyboard – A4 size (available at all good art shops)
Black card – A4 size
Grey and purple felt square, 30 x 30 cm (available from CraftBits)
1 mt silver Ric Rac (available Klein’s)
Silver pen
Plate or saucer to use as a template.

How to make:-
1. Start by making the base of the hat. Cut a circle out of the foam poly board. Size will depend on the head that your fitting but a saucer or plate is a good guide and template. Holding the plate firmly against the poly board carefully cut round using a scalpel. Don't worry if it’s not a perfect edge as later it will be covered.
2. Now cut another circle out of the centre of the base. This is obviously not to fit over the head as this hat perches on top and is secured with elastic or an alice band but a small hole will make it fit more comfortably. The size of the inner circle is about 1/3rd of the overall size of the base.

3. To cover the base cut out one circle of the grey felt and one circle of the purple and again cut out the centre circle. Glue these in place and trim around the edge with sharp scissors. Next, glue in place your silver Ric rac around the edge of the based.

Now putting the base to one side a moment you need to make the cone.

4. Cut a circle out of the black card. This needs to be approximately double the size of the base and again I would recommend using a plate as your template.

5. Cut a triangle out of this circle measuring ¼ of the circle.

6. Cut 1 cm in along the edge as shown & press out - these will be what attach the cone to the base.

7. Using the silver pen decorate the outside of the cone - a little bit of glitter here goes a long way! Next fold the circle overlapping the edges and glue together, use a paper clip to hold in place until dry.

8. Now attach the cone to the base using PVA glue. Once completely dry cover the join with silver Ric rac glued in place.

9. Finally attach the elastic to the underside of the base with either tape or a staple each side of the centre hole.

Yippee you’re done.

If that's wet your appetite sign up and follow me for next week's making of the dress!

CM x

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