Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Over the last few weeks I have been making a Halloween Witches NO SEW costume for my little girl Missy and finally last night I finished it. I know I'm a week ahead of the big day but as I wasn't sure how it would turn out and I'm sleep deprived from her teething I wanted to have time on my side - I am a Competitive Mum after all.

Difficulty level: a bit of patience & glass of Chenin Blanc helps!
Cost: under twenty pounds
Great for: girls from toddler upwards
Make time: 1 hour

What you need:
Purple vest. (one used from H&M)
Purple satin skirt. (one used from H&M)
Purple striped tights/leggings
1/2 metre black net & 1/2 metre of purple net
Silver fabric pen (from most art shops including Cass Art)
1/2 metre black sheeting
Fabric pen
Scrap of black self adhesive Velcro

(these quantities are for toddler size)

How to:
  1. Fold the black net in half length ways. Fold over the top uncut edge again by about 2 inches and pin together. Using a glue gun or fabric glue fix in place. Now mark out a petal shape with chalk going up to the bottom of the uncut glued edge and cut out. Repeat this with the purple net.
  2. Turn the skirt inside out and glue the black net around the waistband.
  3. Repeat this with the purple net making sure the petals don't fall exactly over each other.
  4. Now taking the vest draw on stars, bats and anything you fancy with the fabric pen.
  5. To make the cape you need to measure the length from one hand to the other across the back shoulders of your little witch. Take the black sheet and fold it in half. Mark the length with chalk along the folded edge and then make a semi circle going from one end to the other and cut out. I didn't bother to hem but you can use Wundaweb to do so if you wish.
  6. To decorate use the fabric pen and if like me you are no Van Gogh use a stencil, this is a good time to get the wearer involved and get creative.
  7. Finally to secure the cape stick a 1 inch square of Velcro to the inside of each end of the straight edge.
OK that's it, I think you'll agree she makes a good looking witch. If you like this costume and have made it or something similar sign up and email me some photos.

Sleepy eyed Competitive Mum signing off now X

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