Thursday, 7 October 2010

Priceless Pinafore's

OK, so gone is our child benefit AKA cappuccino fund and according to every newspaper, TV and human being I speak to, there are dark days ahead.  Now this has come at a very inconvenient time as I have been planning the winter wardrobe of my 2 year old for months and lets just say Bonpoint featured heavily.    Billion pound deficits are all very well but The Missy starts nursery in 4 weeks and she needs liberty print pinafore dresses to make a good impression and besides she will look adorable in them.   Not to be defeated I set about making them.
Made from a pattern in my favourite book 'Making Children's Clothes' by Emma Hardy the dresses are fully lined and so simple to make.

I used my bargain Liberty style fabric (not sure if its off the back of a lorry or a copy but frankly who cares) bought from Shepherd's Bush market, some as cheap as £2 a mt and all the buttons came from a huge bag I bought from my favourite stall in Columbia Road for £4 - not second hand but vintage you understand!
One day and £20 later she has 5 unique pinafore dresses to start nursery with.     
A good days work! CM x


Cosmopolitan Kids Media said...

Excellent work! Cheers

competitivemum said...

Many thanks. Now struggling to make a pumpkin costume! Wish me luck.