Wednesday, 21 July 2010

DIY tutorial for fabric painted t-shirts with necklace design

Necklace T-shirt with gems!

How cute are these!   With the weather hotting up again these are perfect for the little ones to stay chic in the heat.   

MAKE TIME:        2 hours + drying time
LEVEL:                  Medium
GREAT FOR:        Stylish girls

Plain cotton t-shirt
Swarovski flat back crystals - hotfix or self adhesive
15cm square scrap of co-ordinating fabric
Needle & thread

  1. Fold the t-shirt in half length wise and iron a crease so you can see where the centre of the shirt is.
  2. Next place a piece of paper in between the front and back of the shirt to avoid any of the paint bleeding through onto the back of the shirt.
  3. Using either the fabric paint applicator, a paint brush, or a pencil end, paint the beads in rows around the neck edge, you might find it useful to use a pin head for the tiny beads. Continue until you have desired amount of necklaces and leave to dry.
  4. For 3D fabric paint puff up according to the instructions but make sure the paint is totally dry.
  5. If you have a Hotfix Applicator for gem setting you can add a little sparkle to the bigger beads if not you can use self adhesive gems but they won't wash as well.
  6. To make the corsage you need to cut a circle of fabric between 10 & 15 cm in diameter depending on the size of the shirt - it's useful to use a saucer or small plate to draw around.  Fold over 0.5 cm to the wrong side of the fabric and press.   Using a running stitch sew along the folded edge all the way around and then gather the fabric into a rosette by pulling the thread tightly and secure with a few small stitches.   Sew a button in the middle or another smaller rosette.  Add a brooch pin to the back for easy removal of the corsage before washing.
And there you have it, a totally adorable t-shirt.   


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