Thursday, 8 April 2010

How to make Easter bunny ears - free

Sweet Pea & Missy do Easter!

Now I know Easter has been and gone but these looked so great on The Missy and her beloved Sweet Pea that I thought I'd share them so you can file away the 'How to' for next year.   

Difficult level   Easy
Cost                  £1.50
Good for           Easter fun
Make time         30 minutes

What you need:-   
1 x sheet of A3 white card
1 x piece of A4 pink felt
PVA glue

How to:-
  1. Measure your child's head circumference.  Add 4cm to this measurement and cut a band from the white card about 5 cm wide and to this length.   
  2. Cut 2 long oval shapes out of the white card for the ears in proportion to the head they are going on. 
  3. Now cut 2 slightly smaller oval shapes from the pink felt and glue onto the white card ovals.  You should now have a pair of ears.
  4. Glue the ears to the band of white card and wait until completely dry.
  5. Finally glue the band together 4 cm in on one end.
  6. Repeat all of the above for the doll and you'll have a hoppy pair!
CM xxx


dreamstar said...

Lovely photo and brill post as usual.
Lisa xx

dreamstar said...

Brill post as usual. Missy looks sooo cute.
Lisa x