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My poor blog has been neglected of late but a last minute birthday party is just what I needed to get my competitive skills going again. This time it's a bit of healthy sibling rivalry as it's my sisters birthday on Sunday and I thought I would throw her a little party. With very little time I've devised this 'One Week Party Planner' to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 or Hip Hip Hooray!

'One Week Party Planner'
Day 1
  • Guest List
  • Call or email invites.
  • Decide on menu & cake
Day 2
  • Order on-line grocery delivery for Friday. 
  • Order cake if not making it.
  • Decide on decorations, party bags & games.
Day 3
  • Purchase supplies for decorations, party bags and games.
Day 4
  • Put together party bags and any games.
  • Tidy and clean room where party is being held.
Day 5
  • Put up decorations. 
  • Clean and organise plates, platters, cutlery and glasses.
Day 6
  • Make or collect pre-ordered cake
  • Prepare as much food as possible
  • Collect flowers, games & balloons.
Day 7
  • Layout all food and cover with cling-film.
  • Chill drinks in the fridge
  • Party!

Now you have a clear idea of what needs doing it's time to get on with it.   To keep things manageable I would always recommend a menu that you've had some experience off, either you've made some of the dishes before or bought and enjoyed them from the store.   If you've never thrown a party try and think of some you've been to and what you liked and didn't like about the food.  If all else fails just copy my menu as I promise it will be scrumptious!

Indonesian Ginger Chicken
Jasmine rice salad  with snap peas
Mixed leaf salad
Cheese board & crackers
Coconut Birthday Cake

Kids Menu
Crocodile Cucumber
Mini sausages on sticks
Mini pizza
Marshmallow lolly's

So, there you have it for day one.  I have a guest list of family and friends who have been called or emailed and a menu of easy tried and tested recipes and ready made food.  Sign up and see how day 2 of 'one week party planner goes. 

Bye for now

CM x

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