Friday, 12 February 2010

Homemade Hearts


For all you Competitive Mums out there with reputations to keep but little time and even less energy,  here is a quick, credit crunching Homemade token of love.   Here are the two I have made - one for Competitive Dad and the other for my one and only Missy!

  • Difficulty level  As complicated as you want to make it!
  • Cost                    £3 each
  • Great for            anyone you love
  • Make time         30 minutes
What you need:
  • Pretty paper.   Scrapbook paper or wrapping paper.
  • Single hole punch
  • scrap ribbon
  • scrap pattern paper
  • 3D foam pads
  • heart cookie cutter (optional) 
  • silver pen
  • chocolate hearts

How to:
  1. Using the heart cookie cutter as a template draw & cutout two hearts on pattened paper.  
  2. Stick the two hearts together using the 3D foam pads.  These can be placed approximatley 1cm apart and 1 cm in from the edge, remembering to leave the top open for your sweets.
  3. Once your hearts are together, use the single hole punch to create a pattern around the edge.  You can buy border hole punches for more intricate patterns and my favourites are from Martha Stewart.
  4. Next you need to punch two holes in the back heart to thread your ribbon through.
  5. Using any scrap patterned paper you have cut out hearts or butterflies to embelish your pockets.  I also cut little squares and wrote personal messages which I stuck on the front with 3D foam pads.
  6. Finally fill with yummy heart shaped chocolates or red & white jelly beans.
Happy Valentines!


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