Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Homemade Christmas gift tags


18 days to go...

Making christmas gift tags reminds me a being a kid and cutting out the previous years christmas cards with pinking shears. I have tried to move on the tradition a bit by making this collection of tags out of luggage labels and card. All four designs were really easy to make and once attached they made each present look like it had been given a lot of thought, even if I am giving my Dad a bathrobe for the third year running!

Difficulty Level Easy
Cost £2 for 24 tags approx
Great for Getting in the Christmas spirit
Make time 1 hour + drying time

Wreath Tag

What you need:
  • Red card
  • Wreath rubber stamp - available on ebay
  • Silver, red & green glitter glue - available at Classy Crafts
  • Silver ink pad - available from WHSmith
  • Hole punch
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

How to:
  1. Take the A4 piece of red card and cut into tags slightly bigger than your wreath stamp.
  2. Stamp each tag with a silver wreath. Tip - don't wiggle the stamp around just push down straight, otherwise you will get marks around the sides.
  3. When the ink is dry, dot with red, green and silver glitter glue.
  4. Leave glue to dry overnight and then punch holes in top left hand corner & attach ribbon.
So there you have it, another idea from my crafty countdown to Christmas, tomorrow I will post 'how to' for the reindeer tags but right now I'm going to have a bit of Santa's sherry - Ho Ho Ho!

CM x

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