Thursday, 24 September 2009

A bouquet of sharpened pencils

Don't you just love the Autumn? Stationery store shelves piled high with 'back to school supplies'. Shiny new pencil cases, co-ordinating rulers and rubbers and for the serious amongst us compasses and geometry sets all in gloriously tacky purples and pinks. Does anyone actually know what all the pieces of a geometry set are for? I do believe not.

As a Competitive Mum the Autumn brings joy and a wealth of opportunities with the obvious Halloween fancy dress and Bonfire night parties and then the lesser known Harvest Festival and The Nature Table!

A little like Anna Wintour and her September Issue I have been building up to this season for a while now. With Halloween still a month away and a grandmothers birthday just around the corner Missy and I are concentrating our efforts on a photo frame and the obligatory card.

This Photo Frame is ticking all the boxes - its eco friendly as all of it was made from things I had in the house, the ulimate in recycling and consequently it was credit crunchingly cheap!

What you need

*Empty clear plastic CD case which if you don't have you can buy for as little as 50p from stationers such as Rymans.
*double sided sticky tape
*coloured card

How to make
Firstly you need to open up your CD case and remove the inner piece which holds the disk and any paper inserts. The back of the box is going to be the front of your photo frame so you now need to cut a piece of coloured card and the chosen photo to fit. Stick the photo to the card and put to one side.

Now turn your CD case over and attach your ribbon using the double sided sticky tape. I find it easier to cut the tape into 1 inch pieces as this way if you make a mistake its easier to correct. Don't worry about seeing the tape through the plastic as this will be covered by the photo.

Now take your photo attached to the card and place an inch piece of double sided tape in each corner on the Front of the photo and stick down onto the inside back panel of the CD case.

Next take your coloured card and cut it to fit the inside of the CD box where the
album cover would normally go. Decorate this card as you wish either with pictures or your birthday message and slid into place.

Finally to stop your frame sliding open all the time cut 2 x 2 inch pieces of ribbon and attach one to each side creating an A frame.

Let's hope Grandma likes it!

CM x

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