Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Things can only get better ...

As I mentioned in my last post the gym and I have become reacquainted after quite some time. I had somehow convinced myself that I exercised up until my pregnancy but looking at my rather dated gym kit I feel I may have been kidding myself as I uncover a 'Team Aniston' t-shirt. Not knowing exactly when Jen and Brad split and having seriously taken my eye of the celebrity gossip ball since having The Missy, I do at least know he has managed to have 3 kids and adopt a couple since so this can mean only one thing, this is going to hurt.

BM (before Missy) I was never Elle 'the body' Macpherson but on a good day in a flattering light I was OK but AM (after Missy) my body is shot to pieces. I can't blame The Missy as although she weighed in at a healthy 8lb 12oz I think my 4 stone weight gain might have had something to do with the vast amounts of hot cross buns I ate. Personally I blame her birth date rather than her birth. Had I had a baby in July for instance where there is little to celebrate unless its your birthday (which for me its not) I would have been fine but having a baby in April, a week after Easter is fatal. Having eaten my way through the entire stock of M&S luxury hot cross buns I then polished off all the chocolate that was lying around the house. Crazy friends bought eggs for the unborn child which of course I ate, for her benefit you understand and then my husband never eats chocolate because he is weird and doesn't like it so I ate his having already polished off my own. Anyway all this amounted to huge weight gain that 16 months later I am still carrying around a good 20lb's of.

My gentle mummy side says what the hell but my Chloe trousers say 'don't even think of squeezing your lardy arse in here lady until you've dropped a few pounds so off I went to meet Ben my new personal trainer. 45 minutes later with my face the colour of a beetroot I complete my first session. ouch ouch ouch, everything hurts, I now walk like John Wayne and where were my endorphins when I needed them? Things can only get better.


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