Monday, 24 August 2009

Sweet Georgia Mae

No Gal made, has got a shade on sweet Georgia Mae
Tiny feet, oh so neat, has sweet Gerogia Mae
We all sigh, and want to die, for sweet Georgia Mae
I'll tell you why and you know I don't lie
Georgia Mae is the sweetest oh my, oh my.

My god daughter has arrived at last and she is tiny (5.5 lb's) and totally gorgeous. As a CM it is expected that I home make something special and not wishing to let the side down I have spent the weekend speed knitting a matinee jacket. Speed knitting being fast knitting as opposed to knitting on drugs - just to clarify!

Ta Dah!

Two days of mummy knitting constantly, The Missy was getting irritated so we took advantage of the weather and went for brunch at The Albion in Shoreditch and then over to Colombia Road market for some flowers and inspiration. I wanted to find a nice way to wrap the present without spending a fortune or it looking totally naff. I don't like conventional wrapping paper because it's a rip off and I never think it looks that nice. That being said I'm not a big fan of a bit of brown paper and string giving everything an eco earthy look either. I like colourful and useful so you can imagine how happy I was when I stumbled across this super cute toy suitcase in the market. The case was the perfect size for the jacket which I wrapped in tissue and secured with a pink nappy pin. Too cute I know but I couldn't resist - this is totally what makes me a Competitive Mum and I'm so looking forward to branching out to be a Competitive God Mum!

Bye for now

CM x

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