Tuesday, 7 July 2009

First ever entry of a self confessed Competitive Mum

I’ve been delaying the start of this blog and I don’t know why but delay I will no longer. The sun is shinning, I’ve had my caffeine hit of the day (Starbucks skinny cap dry as you like) and have had a very acceptable weekend as a CM. What is a CM I hear you cry? Well I think you know otherwise you wouldn’t have been drawn to this blog like a moth to the flame, but for those who have stumbled across it I will explain. CM stands for Competitive Mum and I confess to being one. I’m not alone in being a Competitive Mum, there are many of us out there however much some try to hide it. We can spot each other at twenty paces of a Todds driving shoe and a sniff of Paul Smith scent. We are the women striving for the best. Not to be the best hedge fund dealer or the best doctor or lawyer, no we want to be the best cake baking, sweater knitting, fancy dress making mother. We don’t want to buy nasty cartoon invitations for our children’s parties we want to hand make something with love. We wouldn’t dream of not having an Easter egg hunt for the neighbourhood or making a wreath for the door at Christmas. Now this is all very well if you have a house full of staff and a tub of Ritalin to hand but if like me you’re a regular working mum and time is of the essence how can you achieve such great heights. Well fear not because I’ve found many short cuts to Competitive Mum status and I’m about to share them with you as I only wish someone had shared them with me. My intention with this blog is to keep you all up to date on my Competitive Mum projects giving tips and advice of how you to can shine at the school gates. I hope that the likeminded of you out there will join in and together we will not be outdone!

And what better way to start than with a baby shower!

My gorgeous friend Jayne is expecting a baby boy on the July 24th and I’m throwing a rather late baby shower next Friday. I’ve always wanted to throw a baby shower but as it’s an American tradition it’s taken me a little while to convince my British buddies that it’ll be good fun. As a Competitive Mum it gives the perfect opportunity to show off your skills and after all, families and friends that celebrate together – stay together.

Now, I’m short on time and short on cash so at this point I should be panicking but as a Competitive Mum I don’t need to as I have my trusty pre party planning guide (PPPG) to hand. I’ve found this essential to hosting any social event and am urging you to print off a copy for when you’re in the party mood.

Pre Party Planning Guide

3 weeks prior – decide date and venue. I’ve gone for a Friday evening as folks get pretty booked up at the weekends and no people = no fun.
For the venue I’ve chosen to throw the party at home for ease and convenience & to keep the cost down.

2 weeks prior – send out invitations. For this shower I’m emailing everyone as I don’t know all the people that are coming and to get everyone’s addresses would take to long. Emailing a decent invite was a bit tricky as I am a homespun kind of gal and would always rather make something so I decided to combine the two. I scanned in a piece of fabric that I’m using as inspiration for the party theme and then using Photoshop typed in all the details.

2 weeks prior – decide on menu, decorations and party bags. I’ll be doing this sometime this week and will no doubt post my peals of wisdom!

1 week prior – contact any guests that have not responded to write your definitive guest list. Shop for decorations and disposable party ware. Make party bags.

3 days prior – buy food & drinks.

2 days prior – put up decorations if you’re having the party at home – it will get you in the mood and its one less thing to do on the day.

1 day prior – make cake and prepare as much food a possible.

On the day – PARTY!

That’s all for now as my little one wants to go back in the paddling pool where there’s more than a touch of the Esther Williams about her!

I’ll be back soon with menu, decorations and party bags!

Bye for now

CM xxx

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