Thursday, 9 July 2009

Babies and Showers

8 days until I host a baby shower for my good friend Jayne and according to my pre party planning guide (PPPG) I should have decided the menu, decorations and party bags a week ago -well better late than never as they say.

As its allegedly summer (although looking out of my window you wouldn’t know it) I’m going for a buffet which I can make ahead of time and all of which can eaten at room temperature in or outdoors.


Eli’s Asian Salmon
Panzanella salad
Broccoli Vinaigrette
New Potato Salad

Cheese board
French bread

Fruit salad

The Asian Salmon is from Ina Garton and is perfect for parties as you can cook it the night before and it’s super easy but looks impressive. I also wash and prepare the broccoli the night before as this way you just need to blanch it and toss in vinaigrette on the day.

I haven’t decided on the cake yet, everyone I know will be expecting cupcakes as they are tres fashionable at the moment but personally I am soooo over them. Everywhere you go there is an overpriced pastel coloured handful of sponge waiting to be bought. Farmers markets, supermarkets, coffee shops even Starbucks sell them – are there no cupcake free zones?


I’m going for subtle because unlike me my friend Jayne doesn’t like too much fuss. I have a long lavender hedge in my garden which with a bit of luck will flower any day now so I can cut big bundles and pop them in jugs around the house. Smells lovely and costs nothing – perfect.

My favourite part of throwing a party – the goody bags! I know these take a bit of time and effort and are hardly essential but there’s nothing more pleasing than bidding your friends farwell with a bag full of biscuits to keep them going on the way home. I’ll have to leave baking until tomorrow as my time is up for today.

Bye for now
CM x

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