Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Where have I been?   
Well I would love to say I've travelled the world, written a book and generally ticked every box I have in my head, but sadly I haven't, I've just been being a mum.   The Missy will be 3 in April and I have to say the last four months have been the best with her.   She chatters away in a very bossy fashion (don't know where that comes from) and generally makes me smile by doing things like this!   

Currently she believes she is The Fat Controller and therefore a day out at Thomas Land for 2 year old friend Edie's birthday was very appropriate.   Although Thomas took a very slow chug up the track and back again and not a lot else happened, the kids loved it.  Missy told Thomas stories all the way home and the following morning borrowed a map from Daddy and set her trains on a journey.

How sweet is that!   Next week we are off to London Zoo to see the baby gorilla amongst other furry friends and I am so looking forward to see how she is with the animals now she's a bit older.

On the craft front I am knitting a jumper for myself - big mistake as its taking forever and I'm not even sure how good it'll look.    Also halfway through making a quilt and decorating my bedroom.   Never one to have nothing to do, I'll let you know how I get on.

Happy to be back.

CM x

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