Sunday, 29 August 2010


This bank holiday weekend has been emotional.   My gorgeous little Missy moved from her crib to a big bed.   Finally I found the courage to buy an extension kit for the Stokke junior bed.  Courage was needed as after 2 year behind bars my little one will relish the freedom and be popping in out all night long for sure.
To accommodate the big bed meant a room reshuffle which I really enjoyed.   Through a combination of charity shop finds and eBay we put together a little girls personal space which she loves.
Now I just need to encourage her to go to sleep in it! CMx 

AudreysTeaShop said...

We are at a similar stage with our little boy. His is not a cot bed so we have just put the side down, thinking that it will be safer if he attempts to climb out. Despite him being a lively one, he hasn't so far, but we need to get him a proper bed soon. I made him a patchwork quilt with fairly thick wadding which he uses instead of a duvet to mark the transition from being in baby sleeping bags- I can't tell you the pleasure it gives me to see him sleeping under it!