Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Homemade thank you cards

I miss Christmas!

I miss Christmas.    I miss the sparkly tree in the corner, the holly lights over the blackboard and the big bowl of Quality Street on the dining table.   I miss still being in my pyjamas at 11am with Missy on my knee watching 'The Grinch that stole Christmas'.  I miss the freedom of no work and all play, I wish it could be Christmas everyday - stop me I feel a song coming on!   But it can't and reality eventually bites, but to take us back just a few weeks in time Missy and I ate chocolate for lunch and did her Thank you letters.   I wrote the sensible stuff and she creatively expressed her feelings by scribbling with felt tip pens (washable thank goodness) all over the paper, table and anything else that she could reach, sometimes even the cat.   I love new technology and the immediacy it gives you but I get a bit dewy eyed when it comes to good old-fashioned mail.   I love to see the big red Royal Mail van carrying its load from one depot to another, although I have been known to curse them for driving like lunatics, I then convince myself they could be carrying urgent deliveries.   My heart positively leaps when I get an envelope that is clearly not a bill or a dental appointment and as for stamps, well don't get me started.   They're fabulous.  I wish I'd collected them as a kid but alas my passion at that time in my life lay with trainers and RaRa skirts! I am however determined to collect at least some first day covers for The Missy.   I have the issue of her birth month and subsequent birthday and have just purchased the one of iconic album covers as it looked cool.   It was whilst I was in the post office I saw that you can now get stamps with your photo on - Smilers they're called, don't ask me why as there's nothing to say you have to be smiling but anyway, Smilers they're called and for only £7.50 for 10 you can send your Competitive Mum status to an all time high! 

Now with Smilers having arrived and the thank you cards done I think Missy and I are ready to leave Christmas behind and look forward to the next excuse for a party - I think Shrove Tuesday may be big in our house this year!


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