Monday, 21 December 2009

Candy Cane Place names


3 1/2 days to go...

Difficulty Level Easy
Cost £7 for 20
Great for fully festive table
Make time 30 mins

I don't know about you but I love all the trimmings of Christmas and so was really looking forward to Kirstie Allsop's homemade Christmas series on channel 4. Sadly however I was seriously disappointed. I'm sure she's a very nice lady and all that but I'm not really sure she knows what budget means as spending £100 on fur to create a teddy seems a bit excessive to me and as for making things, well she doesn't does she. Going to a crafts persons house, pouring a bit of wax into a mould they have prepared and then leaving it for them to bring to your house in the country when they've finished it for you does not qualify you as a maker of candles. Equally does she really think spending £38 on gold leaf to plaster all over a pear and then putting a luggage label on it for a place setting is attractive to anyone other than Crystal Carrington? I think the new makeover has sent her a bit Lady Ga Ga (what was all that makeup about) but never fear I have come to the rescue with a cute and simple little place setting for those of us who don't aspire to Dynasty tastes and don't live in the country surrounded by evergreen.

What you need:
  • red A4 card stock available at Rymans
  • 2 metres of 4cm wide ribbon.
  • whole punch
  • silver pen
  • mini candy canes available at WHSmith
  • white snowball sweets from Marks and Spencer
How to:
  1. Cut out an oval from the cardstock approximately 6cm wide. I used the bottom of a squeezy honey put as a template. Repeat until you have one for each person
  2. next using a hole punch make a hole at each end of the oval approximately 1cm in.
  3. Using your silver pen write on each oval a guests name.
  4. Whilst the names are drying you can cut up your ribbon into 10 cm length.
  5. Thread one piece of ribbon through the hole at each end of the oval & trim the ends.
  6. Finally place a candy cane through the ribbon at the back of the name place and pop in a glass full of snowball sweets.
Hurrah for candy canes!

Not sure if i'll post again before the big day so Happy Christmas everyone!

CM x

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