Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Big Mac!

I am so excited, I finally have my new laptop, a supa dupa MacBook Pro, 15 " in glorious technicolor - yippee!

To show my love and gratitude for this beautiful machine I have been busy making it a very cosy cover from an Amy Butler pattern.

I have to say it was more complicated than I thought and consequently my dining table has been out of action for a number of days now while I work out what panel goes with what flap. All that coupled with the fact the pattern's American and therefore in imperial measurements - it was interesting buying a yard of fabric in The Cloth House, I could tell the sales assistant was trying to work out if I was over 50 with very good Botox or just trying to be retro. Once I'd pulled out my measuring tape and frowned for a while I think he ruled out the Botox.

Anyway 3 long nights later I now have a fab and personal homespun laptop cover.

CM x

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