Tuesday, 28 July 2009


As I was making my little one toast this morning, relaxed in the knowledge that today was the first day this week I didn’t have to rush out to work I glance up at the family calender and see my godson is coming to tea today. OMG the house is a mess and the cupboards are bare apart from cheesy strings (they say on the packet ‘all natural’ and I believe them) what the devil am I going to give him? Thankfully my godson and his mummy are cool so 'tea' could just mean a cuppa and they wouldn’t mind, however not wishing to let the side down I drive off to work racking my brain on how I can do tea in 10 minutes.

Here’s how.

Super quick shop at local M&S food hall on the way to work. Avert eyes from ½ price cool bags which I neither need nor have time to buy. Grab basket and reenact my very own supermarket sweep then ran like Usain Bolt to the self service checkout. I have now classed this as my cardio exercise for the day.

Bridge rolls £2.00p

Cucumber 75p

Strawberries & Melon £3.48p

Muffins 75p

Bread sticks & crisps £2.25p

Pineapple juice 65p

Paper cups 99p

Total £10.87p

(OK not quite £10 but you get the idea)

Leave work at lunchtime and race home where little one is having her lunchtime sleep so have little more than 10 minutes as suspected to put tea together before beloved godson Max arrives.

I did marmite and cucumber bridge rolls as I knew all who were coming love Marmite and it was the quickest filling I could think of. The strawberries got speed chopped into a bowl, as did the melon. I threw the bread sticks and crisps into a few paper cups and made up the muffins from a mix, popped them in the oven and hey presto – tea in 10.

Could he be any more handsome.

I had previously made a summer scrapbook kit for Max as a present to keep notes on his holidays.

CM xxx

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